Christmas Tree House Escape Game

Christmas Tree House Escape

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Ben's luxurious house have become more festive, for he just installed some Christmas decors and now the place was cozier as well. This is the grandest Ben have ever decorated his home into, he thought there must be no year that he decorated his place so heavily like this than any other year, but he is proud as to what he had finished there. Ben waited for his family to arrive then for they visited the grandparents three days ago and they will be returning home later that day, Ben used that time to decorate the place and because it was already finished, they are going to be astonished of the house. But as Ben was waiting however, he noticed something and that eventually became a problem.

Ben could not open the doors in his place and it's not just one door but all of it! Ben was definitely confused on what's going-on, but he can't just let this be or this might become a bigger problem. Escape players, want to help Ben here escape from his own house? Find-out what happened then so you can fix the problem at the root.

Christmas Tree House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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