Christmas Town Escape Game

Christmas Town Escape

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Jenner turned his luxurious house into a beautiful Christmas village and it took him an entire week and a few months of preparing just to get him to his favored Christmas village design. Jenner had become very busy just to finish what he had started, and when he finally did he never really thought that a problem was actually brewing! And unfortunately it only made itself known when it had already caused a problem!

Jenner decided to decorate the outside of his house too but when he tried the door however, it seems to be locked and he even tried harder, but a few minutes passed and he still could not open it, that's when he knew that this is now a problem for the door had never done something like this before. Jenner is now in a situation he has no idea how it even happened, it's not really good especially this holiday season, that's why he needs to solve this right-now before things gets worst and probably unsolvable. Escape players, how will you solve the strange problem here now if you are experiencing the same one? Come and try this out then with your skills!

Christmas Town Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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