Christmas Taiga Escape Game

Christmas Taiga Escape

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You're tired of seeing pavement the whole year round. So for Christmas, you're going to see the beauty of a taiga. It's one of the rare terrain for you. You don't get to go out much and seeing it will be such a treat. So you finish all your work in the office. You want to spend your holiday really free of work. However, your boss gives you one last assignment before the start of the vacation. You didn't go home just to finish it. The net day you proceed to the taiga. You're feeling a bit dizzy but you're hoping you'll feel better as the day progresses. The sun's already shining through the gray clouds. And you feel like this is one amazing day. But your head still feels the dizziness every once in a while. Luckily you have your hot water with you.

You take a sip of it and continue to a spot where you feel you can rest a bit. Then the sun hides once more behind the clouds. You just keep on seeing the surroundings go dim and bright. You feel so sleepy with this pattern of light and decides to leave. However, you didn't mind the path you're taking a while ago and you can't remember any of it. Play Christmas Taiga Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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