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Christmas Santa

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Santa has a lot of homes around North pole and one of them were a few cottages and all are down-right cozy! Santa is out around the world delivering gifts for it was Christmas and the kids are waiting for Santa's visit. A few of Santa's helpers were already relaxing while some are going-on making some toys, one of the relaxed ones was actually a bit hyperactive and for the day, he decided to enter one of Santa's cottages to see how it really was inside, that helper elf was Taro and he seldomly listens to rules. It is forbidden to enter Santa's houses without permission, but as mentioned he really doesn't listen to rules when his curiosity is above his head.

Taro was looking around Santa's home and he saw that it was great as well as cozy in there indeed, but he doesn't know why Santa had the rule of going inside, for it actually traps intruders and now you know what happened to Taro. Escape players, Taro surely got trapped in Santa's house and now he needs help!

Care to join in Santa's home with Taro and see if you can help him escape before Santa returns? Christmas Santa is a brand new point and click cozy cottage escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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