Christmas Restricted Room Escape Game

Christmas Restricted Room Escape

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It's Christmas and some of the houses at north pole have been restricted for reasons to prevent happenings that everyone had already learned. Still even though the elves and the other helpers there respect authority, the new ones doesn't really get it yet and as adventurous as he can be, the helper elf Trent decided to check one of the houses which was now restricted. Trent made sure that nobody was looking as he entered, and fortunately he was able to go inside no problem. Trent enters the place and he saw there was nothing special in there, it's just the same when the place wasn't restricted. Maybe this is an illusion? Well he could be right or wrong here but unfortunately he was both a bit right and wrong for he discovered upon his tinkering that the place was one of the decoys!

Trent realized that the Christmas cabin he entered was not legit for he could no longer escape the house! This is not good for he could get sanctioned for this. Well that's what he got for being nosy and now, he risks himself if he doesn't escape from there soon. Escape players, want to help Trent here escape the house as quickly as possible before someone finds-out? Well somebody might have already.

Christmas Restricted Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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