Christmas Release The Goat Game

Christmas Release The Goat

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Christmas is your favorite time of the year. This is the day of birth of the person who gave us freedom from our sins. You think that every creature in the world deserves to be free. That includes all the animals around the forest. It is Christmas time when you decided to go to the forest for a little walk. You expect to see cute animals but what you saw is not fun at all. You saw ta goat but it is in a cage. It hurts you to see an animal in that position. It is Christmas and the only gift that you can give the goat is freedom. You have to do something and help the goat. Thankfully, there are items along the way that you can use to unlock the cage. Not only that, there are also clues that can help you out.

Those clues could be very helpful for your rescue mission. You can't bear to see the goat stay in there any longer. You have to be quick and let the goat out quickly. Logic is very important for this one. With that, you have to think hard. Christmas Release The Goat is another new outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games. Good luck!

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