Christmas Mountain Valley Escape Game

Christmas Mountain Valley Escape

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A boy went sky-diving and his last known landing site which wasn't even sure yet, was the vast open wilderness and for days no contact from him had been established. People have already set-out in finding him and it wasn't really easy in doing so, but everyone was determined so they all tried to find him. One rescuer was Adrian and little did he know that he was the first one to come in contact with the person and in actually, he wasn't found quickly for he had been moving away from the people trying to solve a problem!

The guy had lost his parachute and one might think it's just a chute, but it was tied to his bag with everything in there which was valuable for him and his survival. At the moment, the guy had followed the path where his chute might be after it got carried by the wind and when he saw Adrian, they talked and he was really discouraging him in trying to get back his bag, but eventually Adrian agreed to help him but with caution though, for if they are not careful then there will be two persons in-trouble here. Escape players, Adrian needs to keep the guy safe here while he helps him find his chute, two heads are better than one so will you be able to help him while on Adrian's shoes and get him back to safety right after?

Christmas Mountain Valley Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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