Christmas Light Park Escape Game

Christmas Light Park Escape

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A patch of land near the vast forest had been converted into a huge green park and the entire area wasn't very small, it held at least an acre or two probably even more and it's the biggest park in the country. The people in-charge of the place got even daring, for when Christmas time came they put-up millions of Christmas lights to light-up almost every tree in the park and boy it consumed electricity, but it's renewable for the park relied on solar-acquired energy from its banks.

One night, Tara had a really tough night for work was a little-bit of a killer and it seems that the entire day hadn't been good really, so after she took a nap she just went to that said park to get her mind off of things, but as unlucky as one can get, the place wasn't became bad at the last part. At first, it was good and the works done there are amazing, but as she was about to leave the area however, she found herself lost and because there was nobody around for it was already late, she had to escape all by herself without any help! Escape players, it's bad enough to get lost in the vast park here, but being alone and it's dark at the moment makes that a lot worst.

Join Tara here then as you all escape the huge park covered with light-up decors. Christmas Light Park Escape is the newest point and click colorful escape game from WoW Escape.

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