Christmas House Escape (8b Games) Game

Christmas House Escape (8b Games)

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This is your first time to celebrate Christmas away from your family. You're thinking of spending the entire day at home. You can just watch your favorite variety shows and have a laugh or two for the cheery season. But your friends can't let you have it your way. So they plan to celebrate Christmas with you. It excites you to spend the day with them. You don't have gifts to give away though. And you don't want to face them with nothing. You decide to get out of the house earlier and spend the time looking for gifts. You get out of the house and go to different places in search for the perfect gift for each of them. Ready made gift bags are a no-no for you. You have to find a wrapping paper so you can wrap the gifts yourself.

You come home with so much in your hands and with only a few hours before the party. After arranging the gifts, you start packing them hurriedly but still neatly. You want them to see your effort and appreciation for their actions. You're finally done and ready to get out. But your key is nowhere and you can't leave the house unless you find it. Play Christmas House Escape (8b Games) room escape game by 8b Games.

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