Christmas Germany 02

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Snow had fallen in the land heavily throughout the day, but when nightfall came it thankfully died-down, but still there are piles of it everywhere which was still kind of a nuisance to the residents. Well that also applied to Santa, for when he visited this one family for Christmas, he had lost something quite important and now he needs help!

Santa had lost his iconic red hat when he landed in the area somewhere in Germany, he cannot let anybody see him and he’s on a schedule, that’s why he didn’t deviate and tried to land where this special family lives for him to visit. Not to worry though, for this family will really come to help him as a token for coming over. And of course Santa is their close-friend and that’s why they’ll do this for him. How lucky is this family to know Santa personally, but imagine escape players that you are one of them, and now the hunt for Santa’s missing red hat is on! Escape players, are you up for a challenge such as this into the snowy night on Christmas eve?

Christmas Germany 02 is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Germany 02

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