Christmas Find The Socks Game

Christmas Find The Socks

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Mrs. Claus has a present from a friend who lives in a village which Santa Claus was also going to for his gift delivering task, so she just asked her husband to get it for her when he arrives there. Of course Santa will do this for his love, but he is going to need some help though for actually he forgot where was this friend of theirs was actually living, that's why he brought Anton who was a villager at north pole to be his assistant for this.

Anton never forgets and that's why Santa brought him, surely he can find the house of Mrs. Claus' friend, but the problem about that though he is going to really find it for there is a chance her friend was already asleep. Anton and Santa arrives in the area and both of their respective missions then began. Escape players, you will be joining Anton here who was going to retrieve that present which was a Christmas sock, pretty easy enough and hopefully it isn't kept for his mission here will be harder. Come and join Anton here everyone, help him find that sock somewhere in the neighborhood so him and Santa can move-on then.

Christmas Find The Socks is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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