Christmas Find The Snow Man

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Snow is starting to fall heavily in the area where Benson lives and cold it was definitely, for he lives in the mountains in a cabin and every year especially at Christmas snow really falls in there. Benson knows how to live and survive there now, but of course he gets a little help from someone or something and its help is always very vital.

Benson receives help from an unlikely source and that is a mysterious snow man which was once he thought was a bad omen! Well who would be comforted with such a thing just appearing from nowhere? A walking snowman? What is it really? Benson at first didn’t know what it was and it’s intentions, he also thought the thing was sinister in nature, or it was some kind of prank from vagrants living nearby. But there would always be no sign of anybody and the thing would just move on its own! Eventually Benson accepted the thing for it wasn’t really harming him, in-fact it helps him in unexpected ways every time he needs help. Well that day it was going to go the other way around though, for the snowman was the one who is going to need some help and definitely Benson is going to give it a hand. Escape players, something might have happened to that mysterious snow man, will you play as Benson here and see what happened and if you can help?

Christmas Find The Snow Man is a brand new point and click snowy rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Find The Snow Man

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