Christmas Find The Santa Shoe Game

Christmas Find The Santa Shoe

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Find an important item here for an important person before time runs out! Christmas Find The Santa Shoe is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

It's Christmas eve and Santa was getting ready to leave North pole before he goes way passed his schedule and that's a no can do, considering how many children are waiting for him around the world right-now. Santa readied himself to face the cold, but he realized something missing however and it's definitely an important one. Santa could not find his other pair of shoe and at the moment it is the only pair he had for the helpers had been busy for months and not made him a new pair, he just hoped he'll find it soon before his schedule is up.

Escape players, Santa needs help here in finding his other pair of shoe and quickly too for it is only a matter of time now until he leaves. Become one of Santa's helpers here and because all are busy, you are the only one who was available at the moment. Find clues which can lead you to that missing shoe and don't forget every nook and cranny in point Santa here, even under the snow!

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