Christmas Find The Santa Candy Game

Christmas Find The Santa Candy

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This year's gift delivering is going to be extra tough, and that's why Santa needs a little more provisions on his journey here especially them sweets that will power him as he goes, not to mention the ones for the reindeer as well. Santa had enough of what he needs but there is just one thing though, he needs more sugary sweet and that means it's time to bring-out that Christmas candy cane which was not only sweet, but is packed with a rush of nutrients and energy, that'll be of good help for this tough mission of his this year, but there was a problem about that though, for the helper elves could not even find it!

Slowly upon slowly, Santa's time is running-out and soon he could no longer wait for that Christmas candy cane, but every helper elf there knows he is going to need it, that's why nobody is stopping until they find it at least before Santa leaves. Escape players, Santa needs your help as well, will you be able to find that missing candy somewhere before Santa departs to his yearly mission?

Christmas Find The Santa Candy is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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