Christmas Find The Gift Bag Game

Christmas Find The Gift Bag

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Snow had been falling heavily this Christmas, and even though Santa was able to fight it for his sleigh was already built to withstand what it faced through centuries of gusts of wind and cold, an accident still happened for guess there is always something new every year. The sleigh was racked strongly by some wind and the sleigh almost plummeted! But Santa was able to maneuver it and that's why it only landed quite roughly.

The sleigh held but not without a cost though, for some of the gifts he was carrying flew from the sleigh and it landed somewhere in an area where a village was. Luckily it was very cold outside and nobody was out, but it won't be for long and Santa needs to gather all of the gifts before somebody sees him. Escape players, it's a good thing you're around, will you help Santa here gather them misplaced gifts? Well even though some were already gathered, some were still missing and that includes a gift bag which was suppose to be for a special kid living in the city. Santa needs to give that gift to the kid so will you help him find it?

Christmas Find The Gift Bag is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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