Christmas Find The Candy Stick Game

Christmas Find The Candy Stick

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Santa needed another item again from when he lost his cap for his gift-giving adventure around the world and now, he needs another hand in finding his missing candy cane for before he leaves, he would like to have an extra sugary boost for he know he has a long and dangerous journey ahead of him. Of course as a helper elf, Marty will do that for Santa to make his journey and task successful, if that's gonna help it end well then he'll definitely find it right-now.

Marty the helper elf here doesn't know what task he had just taken and its difficulty, for really he doesn't know where to start looking for the candy Santa had requested. It could be anywhere, but because Marty had already accepted the task, he'll do whatever he can to find that cane somewhere in the area. Escape players, want to help Marty here find that candy which Santa had requested as quickly as possible before he leaves? Go ahead then, look inside cupboards and drawers for it, the worst of that is if you have to go out to the cold and search for it in the other houses, but well you still have to do it if it comes to that now.

Christmas Find The Candy Stick is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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