Christmas Find The Book Game

Christmas Find The Book

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You wished to have a mini library in your house. You started collecting books after graduating in college when you didn’t see most of your friends anymore. It took long years for you to open up to them and you felt like you had to start all over again since you were all separating ways. To comfort yourself in awkward situations, you always brought a book along. When you catch other people’s glances and felt uncomfortable about it, you could just open a book and read. You also felt like people would immediately ignore you once they saw you being busy with reading. You felt this was a good excuse to be left alone. However the pages of the books weren’t endless. So you kept on buying books to add to your collection. One of your college friends met up with you and became your roommate.

She noticed how much you bury yourself in books even in public. So she thought of an idea for you to keep your head up. She chose one of the books you were reading and hid it somewhere. You couldn’t stand not finishing a book. Play Christmas Find The Book room escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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