Christmas Find The Bell Game

Christmas Find The Bell

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Find a magical bell here in the snow for it might actually belong to Santa himself! Christmas Find The Bell is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

In Jeremiah's house, he had kept a very valuable item and he didn't know its real worth. That item is a Christmas bell and he had found it once several years ago just sitting on the snow one Christmas night. At one time, Jeremiah had brought it to school to show its beauty and he was confronted by a strange old woman who said the bell is no ordinary bell, for it belongs to the one and only Mr. Santa Claus! Jeremiah had disregarded that for the info was preposterous and the old woman was a bit crazy, maybe the item is or isn't, but one day he will be the tested of how he treasures that bell.

It's Christmas day again and that reminds Jeremiah about the strange bell which he had kept for years. He wants to examine it again after he saw it yesterday just inside a box, but unfortunately it wasn't there anymore! Jeremiah began to doubt then that he still has that bell, well it is there somewhere for it can't just disappear, unless if it is really magical. Escape players, Jeremiah here needs to find that bell which allegedly he was told that it belongs to the actual Santa Claus, will you be able to join in the search here with Jeremiah and successfully find that item wherever it is?

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