Christmas Escape 2 Game

Christmas Escape 2

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It's Christmas and everyone is trying-out the escape house in the neighborhood which fits real good with the occasion. That day, JP decided he's going to try the house too for he had nothing to do and he is feeling a little daring, but when he thought he is just going to solve the escape house there and leave like nothing happened, well he has another thing coming for he is actually going to break some sweat in there.

At first JP was okay with the house for it looks roomy and welcoming as he proceeds to it, but actually he needs to escape from the place though with effort and quickly too for there is actually time running-out in the place and who knows what might happen if it does. Escape players, the Christmas house escape challenge will definitely be challenging and it could be tougher than he expect it, but JP is going to check this out still if it's really so, care to join him on the escape and see if you can all make it out by solving the problem easily and quickly?

Christmas Escape 2 is a brand new point and click house escape game released by Mirchigames.

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