Christmas Door Escape Game

Christmas Door Escape

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Check-out this indoor escape here where a door in the house acted strange and as a result, you have to face an escape adventure on Christmas eve. Christmas Door Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

Ron was making himself comfortable at home while the winter snow is falling outside and Christmas is drawing closer every hour, he had already prepared everything that he needs for the occasion and later his family members will come over for the eve's dinner. Ron was relaxing at his comfy sofa when he heard a tiny noise at his door, he then tried to examine what it was and there he realized that it was actually the lock. Weird why that happened, might have probably an effect of the cold, but then when he tried to open it he realized it was going to be a problem.

Ron could not disengage the lock and really he even tried heating it but still not budging. Something weird is happening here and it so happens to be on the eve of Christmas! Escape players, Ron needs to get this door opened for his family will be coming-over soon and this door is not being cooperative still. Care to join in with the situation here with Ron and see if you can find objects that can open the jammed door?

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