Christmas Doll Escape Game

Christmas Doll Escape

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There is a new challenging escape house in the town, but this time it has a little bit of twist, for one must retrieve a hidden doll there first before they escape. The doll is a Christmas doll which looks distinct, but there are wrong answers however for there are other dolls in the place which can elude challengers to the real one. The house still has the same methods however, it's a place with challenges and obstacles which anyone who enters must face. As a regular customer, Elena is definitely up for it and the new challenge is also engaging for her.

Elena enters the house and in no time, she was able to find the doll! Now the escape begins. Escape players, Elena is experiencing a bit of a problem with the escape here, that's because the house seems to have a slightly difficult puzzle and she is definitely caught in it. Will you help her out and test your skills of escape here as well? Place yourself on the shoes of Elena then and ready yourselves of the Christmas house's challenge.

Christmas Doll Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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