Christmas Day (Fun Escape Games) Game

Christmas Day (Fun Escape Games)
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Everyone was celebrating the best of Christmas in their respective homes and it's so beautiful looking at the entire area from the outside where the lights are flickering and the food is good. But as for you however who was a homeless person with nothing but the clothes on your back, you don't have any residence and it's so unfortunate for the cold is getting to you and soon if you don't find warmth, there is a chance the cold will overcome your body. This is now survival we are talking about and you must get some help or anywhere safe from the cold, will you be able to find a place where of course you are also welcomed?

Make Christmas merry escape players and through the holidays, place yourself on the shoes of a homeless person here and find a home or any place where you can temporarily stay and keep yourselves warm especially on this season of giving.

Come and join in the quest to find a warm place here escape players, do this quickly before body temperatures gets even lower. Christmas Day is a brand new point and click escape from the cold game from Fun Escape Games.

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