Christmas Dark Room Escape Game

Christmas Dark Room Escape

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It's Christmas evening and Jillian's house had been prepared with Christmas decors and food, hopefully that would at least lower the house's activity for little to everyone's knowledge, the place is haunted and one reason for that is because it's actually very old, a lot had happened there through the years and Jillian could not just leave the place for if she does then where will she go? The place was also a family heritage and currently it is her time to own the place and have a family there. As the night goes deeper, Jillian is getting very excited for relatives will be coming for the holiday feast, but as she prepares everything however, a problem surfaced and now she has that strong feeling to leave the house now!

Some of the lights in the house suddenly just shut-off and that immediately gave Jillian an overwhelming feeling of being spooked! Guess she'll have to wait outside then for this is now once again out of her control. But as she did she realized there was a problem with that too, for she could no longer open the doors! This is some problem now and guess it is once again the house being active. Escape players, want to help Jillian here escape the house and so she can just wait outside for her family to arrive?

Christmas Dark Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape.

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