Christmas Celebration Begins Game

Christmas Celebration Begins

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Setting up Christmas Decors is your favorite thing to do. This signifies that the Christmas Celebration Begins. You want people to notice your place so you always give your best effort in decorating your house. This is also a way to help them to feel the festive feeling of Christmas. You received so many praises from last year so now, you planned to level up your game. You want to buy more decorations for your house but that won't be possible if you can't open the door. In line with that, you can't celebrate properly with your door locked. People can't come over to celebrate with you and that is not fun. Because of that, you have to find a way to open the door so you can celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and everyone in the neighborhood.

The good news is, there are clues that can help you out. Not only that, there are also objects that you can pick up along the way. All you have to do is think about how you can use those items properly. Play this brand new room escape game from Top 10 New Games and let the Christmas Celebration Begins! Have fun!

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