Christmas Beach Party Escape Game

Christmas Beach Party Escape

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Percy was invited to a Christmas party on the beach which he had heard of definitely before, not because it is an awesome place for the activity, well it is actually, but he knows of a cave there somewhere which was very interesting and that was a great influencer of his decision of even going there. Percy broke-off from the party after a while to find the location of that cave, but guess he was being eluded for he couldn't find such or any structure that might give a sign of it. Well there is another thing that he should be worried about though, and that is finding the way back for he could no longer find the party venue!

Percy kept getting lost as he tried, after a while he thought he needs some help now for it's getting dark and soon finding that venue will be extra difficult. Escape players, want to help Percy here so he can return to his friends at their Christmas party? Careful then, for the beach has sharp rocks and the water is deep on some parts, also the danger only increases after dark.

Christmas Beach Party Escape is the newest point and click coastal escape game from WoW Escape.

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