Christmas 2020 House Escape Game

Christmas 2020 House Escape

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As the people in the neighborhood celebrates for Christmas, a household was also celebrating with a bit of a difference for they had just opened the new and improved escape house which they orchestrated, and they do this every year for everyone to try. The last from them was from a month ago which was on Halloween, in a short amount of time they transformed their place from a scary house challenge to a Christmas one. Now as a resident near it, Charlie was ready to try it out.

Charlie was one of the loyal challengers of the escape houses in their place to the point he has now become a tester just to see if it'll give the people some tough challenges. And that day he is up to try it and see if this will become interesting or not. After a while, it is becoming as such and Charlie was up to his limit now to recommend this place, but he needs to keep going and see this through to the end. Escape players imagine playing as Charlie here, will you be able to successful finish the last obstacles in-order to escape this year's Christmas escape house?

Christmas 2020 House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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