Chirpy Boy Escape Game

Chirpy Boy Escape

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Chirpy Boy Escape is brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games for more dose of fun rescues here in a decent house. Enjoy!

Joana was already a welcomed guest in the house of the boy for they were just neighbors and most of the time when he's home, he tends to be noisy and chirpy. Joana already knows his deal and he just don't stop talking, he's happy though and little did both of them know that a situation is bound to happen and him being noisy is going to prove an advantage. Joana decided she'll take the boy to dinner for she had nothing to do and besides, he won a bet against her and its a deal. But as she came to the boy's house however, she realized that the boy was in-trouble and indeed his noisy mouth immediately gave him away.

Joana enters the house and almost instantly, he heard the boy screaming for help and he still wouldn't stop talking! He is actually trapped in one of the rooms there and somehow his parents were nowhere to be found! Escape players, come and join in on the rescue here with Joana, get that noisy boy out of there and may you do this one for him safely. Good luck everyone.

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