Chirpy Anime Girl Escape

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Bonnie’s friend who was quite the friendly person managed to get another opportunity once again, there was a cosplay competition at the city and she needs to leave now for the journey is long and her schedule is strict here, but she did a little roaming around the village though just to show some of her friends of her costume to also see what they think about it. Most of her friends loved it for it was cute including Bonnie, but really she still would like the opinions of other people and she is really using all of her free time for that. She should leave now before something happens and she’ll get late, and unfortunately for her something did and now she needs help!

It’s a good thing Bonnie was just right behind her, for when the problem came up which was her getting trapped in one of the old unoccupied houses there, Bonnie was there immediately to respond to her call for help. But see Bonnie can only do so much though, and for now she couldn’t open the door where her friend is trapped. It seems to be jammed real good, but she has no way of telling for sure, in her mind though she just needs to rescue her friend before she gets hurt in her attempt to escape. Escape players, that’s the problem here now so will you be able to help solve this so that Bonnie’s friend can get out from where she is trapped?

Chirpy Anime Girl Escape is a new house rescue escape game developed by Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Chirpy Anime Girl Escape


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