Chinese Rat Escape Game

Chinese Rat Escape

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A Chinese couple who joined the new year festivities in the city near their town got themselves a cute traditional Chinese room and they were comfortable in the place which they got. But in their stay there however, something happened and that got the couple really thinking about their welfare. The couple discovered that their pet rat which they know was clean and it had been with them for 3 years now, just got trapped in something and that's not all, for they also got trapped in their room as well!

The couple became very confused what was going-on, for the house seems like a trap for everything now and even for their pet rat which they had brought with them. The couple must do something now for they feel like something more is going to happen and it might be worst than the original situation they are in. Escape players, come and help the couple here escape, first get the rat out from where it was and then the couple afterwards. Be ready for anything now, for there could be another trap in there hidden from view like a big cat or something.

Chinese Rat Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Amgel Escape.

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