Chinese New Year Escape Game

Chinese New Year Escape

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It's Chinese new year and as a person who lives in the remote area, Lee decided he'll get a room in the city so he can join in the festivities. Before the day arrives, he arrived at the place and he already had a room for he already applied a reservation a month ago. Lee picked the place which had a good view of the city and also good ambiance in the room, he was immediately offered with what he reserved for and after the long journey, he was in the room relaxing.

The last day before Chinese new year begins came and Lee decided he'll leave the place for a while and buy some stuff at the nearby shops, but that's where he realized that he couldn't escape from his room for something is wrong with it! Lee didn't have the answer what was going-on right away for his phone was down and reception downstairs couldn't be reached. Lee needs help here now and it is worst for he can't get any help, well he will receive some help though and that's from you escape players, will you give it?

Chinese New Year Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Amgel Escape.

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