Chimpanzee Escape (Mirchi Games) Game

Chimpanzee Escape (Mirchi Games)

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Chimpanzees are so jolly. They always seek for playmates so you always go to the forest to play with them. There is one particular chimpanzee in this forest that you want to play with. He patiently waits for you on the same spot and on the same time everyday. However, that didn't happen today. This chimpanzee is not there in your meeting place. This is very unusual because he is never late. From there, you felt that something is wrong so you initiate to look for him in the forest. While you were walking along the forest, you heard the voice of this chimpanzee and it came from the tree. On that tree, there is a cage and he is in there. Seems like you are right. Something is really wrong.

Hunters might did this to him so you have to help him to escape from the cage as fast as you can. Those hunters might come back any minute from now so you have to hurry up. Since you don't have the key that can open the cage, you have to look for objects that you can use. Play Chimpanzee Escape (Mirchi Games) outdoor escape game from Mirchigames and rescue the chimpanzee. Best of luck!

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