Chimere Forest Escape

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The forest is somehow inhabited by strange things, it is weird why the forest is that so and really there is no explanation of that except speculations only that the entire area had been cursed years ago by a witch. Well there is really no proof of that, but because the place is already infiltrated by those strange monster-like creatures, it’s not hard to think of that so. That day though, Miguel wanted to go on an adventure there despite he was told not to for the place is not at all safe and easy to venture into. Well he still did for the sake of adventure.

Miguel will of course get what is coming for him and he doesn’t know that, he just thought it’s going to be a piece of cake in there, but he  said so otherwise when he encountered a really bad thing, and that thing is because he got lost in there and now the said monster of the forest is chasing him wherever he goes! It was quite slow though despite of it levitating, but it looks scary and if he knows that if he’ll stop, that thing will catch-up to him. Escape players, want to help Miguel here escape now for he had already seen his mistake? Quickly then before the sun sets.

Chimere Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Chimere Forest Escape


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