Chicks Escape From Cage

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Thomas is starting his own settlement in the wilderness for that is his life-long dream, to live a simple and peaceful life after a tough and always chasing time one. Thomas even started from scratch with his chicken project there, he now has chicks and he had placed them outside in their own little house. But every night though he needs to get them in his house for there are a whole lot of things from the forest which would like to make a meal out of them. And plus the cold too for those little guys are too little and cannot really survive in the cold night, and so he went their to bring them inside. But there was a problem though when he did, for he couldn’t find the key to the little chicks’ house anymore!

Where did he even put it? Well he knows he didn’t just place it anywhere, there is a place for it but unfortunately though it wasn’t there. Okay now, Thomas needs to concentrate on this for he still needs to prepare his stuff for the night so it’ll be ready for the different jobs tomorrow. Escape players, will you help Thomas here open the cage of his chicks so he can get them out and inside his house then?

Chicks Escape From Cage is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Chicks Escape From Cage

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