Chicken Escape (Xavid)

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Paul has a lot of chickens and sometimes he can’t even take care all of them, that only is when he doesn’t have a good harvest or any budget to cover the feed, but that happens only on scarcity times and at the moment he is doing well. Paul has this one chicken whom he takes care most though and that is his mother hen who had already laid a ton of offspring and up until the present day, she is not stopping yet! But that hen is somehow in-trouble though at least in his eyes, for an egg might be bound in its womb and it can’t get out!

Paul needs to bring this hen of his to the nearby vet for he had already tried everything but none would work, she needs a veterinarian and Paul needs her to stay, that’s why he’ll go as soon as possible but then as he tried, another problem strikes! Paul couldn’t open the door of his house, this is bad for it might be jammed! He is starting to think wrongly about this now, it’s like some force is not allowing him to take his hen to the professionals. Still he must move or he’ll lose this one of a kind hen of his forever. Escape players, Paul here is kind of in a pinch, will you help him so he can leave with his hen?

Chicken Escape is a new animal rescue escape game created by Xavid from

Walkthrough video for Chicken Escape (Xavid)


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7 months ago

So… what? The inscription “Chicken Escape” on a light yellow background and a fifth of the blue progress bar. Doesn’t depend – directly or through a proxy.