Chic Baker Escape

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Humans and intellectual animals are now coexisting quite well in the town, well they started with great uneasiness but thanks to good governance and the cooperation of everybody, peace was attained and joy slowly came back to the town. One typical day though, Edward goes out once again to take care of his daily chores, fixing stuff, mowing his fields, and buying food in the town square. Edward’s first mission there is to buy bread at the bakery which was owned by his friend who was a chick, not a human though but a young chicken.

Edward knows this baker chick for quite a while already, they have been saving each other on certain circumstances mostly in small financial aids and not only they have given help to each other, they won each other’s friendship. As Edward however got to the bakery, he somehow realized that his friend was not good at the moment, for she is trapped inside her own bakery! Edward didn’t know what happened, but of course he’ll help her for it’s instinctual for him. Escape players, the situation is not understood well at the moment, but a rescue must be done here so will you help Edward help his friend?

Chic Baker Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.