Chef Escape

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Try the house escape adventure here everyone, Chef Escape is the newest point and click escape game from 8b Games. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Aria had only pieces of a very secret recipe which the head-chef had taught her before but unfortunately, she couldn’t get the idea and was missing some procedures in her mind. She is really not good at memorizing so that day, she wanted to finalize again that recipe which means, she is going to pay her teacher the head-chef a visit. Aria finally arrives at the chef’s house and she was lucky that he obliged to her request, but he has to pick produce for that real-quick and so he went leaving Aria for the initial preparations. She was at peace doing the first few things when at some point, she entered a room to get something and after that, trouble!

Aria realized that she is trapped in the room she went in and of course, she couldn’t get herself out! Aria was ashamed why she got trapped and because this is her senior chef’s house, she couldn’t do advancing things in-order to escape, nor she even wants to remain trapped in the chef’s house here. Escape players, Aria is going to try her best to escape the room where she is trapped and hopefully, without destroying anything. Care to join in the escape attempt here? Go ahead then and enjoy!

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Walkthrough video for Chef Escape

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