Cheetah Treasure Forest Escape

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The treasure in the forest still haven’t been retrieved for the thing is not only hard to find, but the forest is guarded by dangerous cliffs and uneven terrain, not to mention the various dangerous animals living there as well. Most explorers knows when to back-off because of the dangers they will face there if they go, Anton was not at all deterred by such for these things are his passion and he can’t really live well without that. And so he entered the forest in search for this treasure and as lucky as he would be, he manage to find it! But his problems about that will not be over then however.

Anton found the treasure from a distance for the chest where it is being kept glistened from the light of the dappled sunshine. But then again there was this thing however, for right near it there was this big cat and it seems to be intently guarding the treasure! The cat was a cheetah and it was weird for Anton, for he knows there aren’t any cheetahs in this wilderness here and yet there it was. Maybe it is some sort of jungle spirit or something guarding it. Well still Anton is not going to leave what he came for though, he needs to get that chest whether that cheetah or spirit or something likes it or not. Seems pretty invasive of Anton though, but escape players the mission has been set and that needs to be carried-out. Will you be able to help here so that Anton can get the loot being guarded by that fierce predator? Distract the animal or something but try not to hurt it though.

Cheetah Treasure Forest Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Cheetah Treasure Forest Escape

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