Cheap Hotel Escape Game

Cheap Hotel Escape

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Tom went on partying at a small town with his friends and it was fun throughout the night! Tom just went wherever his friends goes and each hour that passes he just slowly fades until, he just fell asleep. The next morning came and when Tom opened his eyes, he found himself in some hotel and that's where all of the confusion came in! Did his friends just abandon him in some hotel and left? Tom pondered to himself. He really thought they would bring him where they are so he can be safe especially that he doesn't know the place. Some friends they turned-out to be, Tom needs to leave from the hotel then so he can find-out where he was really and then get home, but he didn't know he was going to face more things there before that happens.

Tom didn't find anyone in the hotel and the bad part about that is the establishment seems to be closed! A hotel, closed? That's weird, Tom began to think then this might be a prank from his friends, it could be but whatever this is he needs to get himself out of the place for that is the logical thing to do. Escape players, come and help Tom here escape the hotel which seems to be locked. Use your skills and logic on this to escape successfully.

Cheap Hotel Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Selfdefiant.

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