Charming Palace Escape Game

Charming Palace Escape

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Ginger's new home is definitely beautiful, it's very charming when she first saw it and from then she never let it go before somebody else buys it. Now the house is hers and everything in it as well, it wasn't cheap but at least she got what she wanted and it's worth it for her. Ginger discovered more rooms inside and that is only getting her more proud of her new home. But one day however she felt a strange feeling and it's like doom and a bit dark, it's weird but she ignored it though, a thing she shouldn't have done.

After that feeling, Ginger decided she'll get out of the house for maybe she just needs some air, but then that is where the problem came to be for now she could no longer get out of the house for the doors are now locked! Ginger doesn't like this one bit and even more so when she tried more doors and those too could not be opened as well! What was going-on in her new beloved place? Ginger is determined to solve this so escape players, will you help her out so she won't have to move and consider this a major loss for her?

Charming Palace Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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