Chameleon Rain Forest Escape

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This journey of Lou in the chameleon forest is not getting any easier, well one for he keeps getting lost but from time to time he is able to fix that and getting back to the right path. But his adventure here just to get to the town which is where he is currently heading is only going to get more problematic though, for eventually he will no longer be able to navigate to the right path!

Lou probably took the wrong path when that finally happened, and had stuck with it not knowing he had been going through a wrong one for while, that’s because he should be at the town if this is correct, but surely it is not for he is still in some forested area and he doesn’t really know where he is now. Most people who has a weak will power will give-up at this point, but Lou doesn’t have that and his instincts to survive was always intense. But he is going to need some help here to navigate though for if he just keeps pushing then he might be heading deeper into the forest heading to somewhere far, well he is already pretty deep now for the presence of chameleons are now growing, and that very rarely happens near the conventional paths. Escape players, will you be that help to Lou and see if you can get him out before this becomes a great misadventure?

Chameleon Rain Forest Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Chameleon Rain Forest Escape

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