Chalet Place Escape Game

Chalet Place Escape

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How beautiful the house was where Kenneth is but no matter how so, he is doing his job there for the place is actually a crime scene! Kenneth is gathering valuable information and clues in the various rooms in the place, from the kitchen, to the bedrooms, and even the living-rooms. He is collecting significant data so far and things are going well, but somehow something happened in there though and because Kenneth is currently alone in the place, he couldn't get any assistance!

He knew he should have agreed to have some help there, but his pride was way above his head and now he needs to solve the problem on his own. The problem at the moment is that the house would not let him out for when he tried the main-door, it wouldn't budge, he also tried the back-door and it too as well, he tried the sides but those were also locked. Kenneth is starting to get suspicious there and uncomfortable, he needs to get out of the house right-now for the situation is really blocking his rationality. Escape players, Kenneth was unsuspecting of the problem which had happened, will you help him out so he can just escape from it?

Chalet Place Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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