Century Modern Living Room Game

Century Modern Living Room

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The tropical climate where Peter lives can be very degrading to the houses especially if they are not really built to last. That's why he studied very well every part in his luxurious house which had just finished construction to see that it can last a century or more! After a lot of work and studying different kinds of sturdy elements plus structural supports, he reckons that this house of his will definitely last. More supports will be needed though in the future for the house is located very close to the sea and it gets its dose of air, water, and sunlight, those are main factors of decay. That day however, the decaying of his house will be the least of his worries and it's suppose to be, for a problem just sprung-up and it's one heck of a mysterious thing indeed.

Peter just got trapped in his own home for he could not longer get the doors to open and it's weird! For it is not suppose to do that. Peter had tried everything but because he can't destroy anything which is a full-proof way to escape, he is still trapped in the place and pondering in his living-room. Escape players, come and check-out the escape adventure here and see if you can help Peter out with the problem in his nice home.

Century Modern Living Room is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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