Centennial Park House Escape Game

Centennial Park House Escape
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The park near the city is a hundred years old and from that time, people had taken good care of the place and really made it a park which citizens can visit. The old houses there haven't been removed as well and were even renovated, one of the houses there was reconstructed by Jose and now he lives in it. The house had been no trouble at all and was even good for him, but one day something happened though and Jose was at first dumbfounded, then he thought maybe this is the work of the whiles of the place because it was once a foundation of an old house.

Jose wasn't superstitious though and that's why he constructed a house there in the park and didn't even think of anything bad about it, but it seems like he will be thinking about it now as he sits in his living-room pondering, that's because he is trapped in his own house and he didn't have any explanation why it even happened. Still there could be a logical explanation about this and if Jose was only able to escape, then he might probably find some answers. Escape players, come and play as Jose here in his house which was acting strange and see if you can escape.

Centennial Park House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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