Caveman Treasure Escape

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The primitive man’s land here is starting to get bigger, he had learned a lot as he lived there, he was now very efficient and thanks to the help of his friend who was a modern man, Danny is proud of what help he has given to him. That day though as he went to visit his primitive friend again, he was on to something and he was slightly uneasy, he asked him and that’s when he found-out that his friend found something significant which was absolutely not typical.

The caveman have shown him a cage which was obviously not his but inside this cage were treasures in gold! Danny was definitely in awe here for his friend had found something which was suppose to be very rare for him for he doesn’t have the capabilities to acquire it, but then it’s right there and it’s only waiting to be opened. The caveman have not been able to open this cage where the treasure is, who knows where this came from and who it belongs to originally, but Danny will help in opening here of course for his friend could not open it himself. Escape players, imagine you are Danny here, want to help in opening the cage here where the treasure is sealed?

Caveman Treasure Escape is a brand new point and click game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Caveman Treasure Escape

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