Cave Warrior Rescue Game

Cave Warrior Rescue

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You found yourself in a weird place after touching one of the stones in the cave. The caretaker clearly told you not to do anything with the stones. However, the version you heard before said that you shouldn’t take the stones with you. You couldn’t see any harm in touching them and they looked so precious to just look at. The caretaker went away for a while and you took this chance to get closer to the objects. It seemed like they were shining but not due to the reflection of light. It was like they had a light inside of them. You couldn’t take your eyes away from them when you noticed there was something else inside other than the light. You weren’t sure but you thought you saw a small person inside. So you moved closer without knowing that a part of your shirt was already touching it.

It was like you were sucked into a hole. You couldn’t see what was happening around you but you could feel that you were moving at such a fast pace. You opened your eyes to a new environment and found a cave man needing of your help. Play Cave Warrior Rescue room escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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