Cave Pack Escape Game

Cave Pack Escape

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You were so bored one day that you decided to push all the buttons in the elevator. You just wanted to be alone and you felt that doing this would let you enjoy your personal space. It was fine for the first few floors since no one entered the elevator with you. However, on the third stop, someone stepped inside. Fortunately, the person went down on the next stop. You once more pushed all the buttons of the elevators at once. You felt the elevator stopped moving. A deep sigh escaped your lips as you waited for the person to enter. But then, the lift fell down at a great speed. You waited for the explosion or whatever that should happen when things turned out this way. However, you just heard a gentle thud. The door of the lift opened like nothing happened.

And it opened to a cave. The cave surprisingly had bright colors which eased the anxiety you were feeling. You looked up and found no way of going back through the lift. So you searched for another way to leave the cave. You were somehow hoping it would be as thrilling as your journey to the cave. Play Cave Pack Escape outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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