Cave Inside House Escape Game

Cave Inside House Escape

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Quentin found a strange cave in his adventures in the mountainside and in it were rooms in the rock with modern items inside! Quentin immediately tensed-up for he was not expecting to find such a place and the stone rooms are even comfortable to stay in. Was there somebody living in this place? Quentin called for anybody but it seems that there wasn't anybody in the house at the moment, maybe he can find clues why this place was here and whoever lives in it, but he needs to be very careful too for he might get deemed a trespasser and get himself in danger. Well technically he was trespassing now and little did he know the place has something for unwitting people like him and it's not really good.

Quentin found-out that he could not escape the place anymore for the doors in the rooms would not open no matter how he tried! Was this a trap of the place? Most likely, but of course he needs to escape from there for this is not getting good for him. Escape players will you help Quentin out quickly so he can escape from the place inside the stone walls?

Cave Inside House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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