Cattleman Escape Game

Cattleman Escape

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The cattleman is the small village's source of milk, he is very vital for no town is near the village that would only take a day to travel to, it will take days back and forth. That day, Augustus was in-need of such milk for he needed to make cheese for everybody in the village, cheese is also a commodity in their area and a good source of protein too aside from the meats that they have. But somehow as Augustus arrives at the area of the cattleman, he seems to notice no activity in the place. That's very strange, for by now he will be outside looking at his animals, maybe he slept early?

Augustus didn't want to bother the cattleman but somehow in the back of his mind, he has a really strong urge to knock at the door and ask the man if he's okay. So he did just that, and unfortunately something did happen to him! The man was actually trapped in his own house and it's good Augustus came, for he had been calling for help in a while now and gave-up. Escape players, it's a good thing nothing worst happened to the man, but a rescue for him must be done for all Augustus knows the man could actually be injured. Come and help Augustus here on the rescue and take care of the man.

Cattleman Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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