Cattleman Escape From Pit Game

Cattleman Escape From Pit

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The rancher lives in this old house in the middle of a field with all of his animals and the farm structures there too. He is a good man and very generous as well, that's why people respect him and give him credit on the things he does. That day, Warren went to the rancher for he needs fresh cow's milk, the delivery guy seems to have missed them so he'll just get his supply from the source. But as Warren was roaming around the farm though, he seem to can't find anybody. Where was the workers there and especially the rancher? Something weird is going-on here, but soon he found-out what happened to at least one of the people there and it so happens that he found the rancher himself!

Warren found the rancher stuck in a deep pit and he couldn't get out! Warren have no idea how he got in the hole but it's most likely that he fell for he wouldn't just come down there without a ladder, there was one actually but it was busted, maybe it got busted when he was trying to climb up? Well Warren is going to stop with the questions now and start finding a way to get that rancher out of there. Escape players, you will now play as Warren here, will you be able to find a way to get the rancher out of the pit safely?

Cattleman Escape From Pit is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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