Cats House Escape Game

Cats House Escape

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Mrs. Newman has one obsession: cats! For the past decade since her husband died, she's taking home strays, feeding and cleaning them. The cats come and go as they please. However, it's a real problem because of their sheer numbers. There are just too many cats for one house and she has over twenty of them! Finally, she got her niece to help her manage the cats in the house. Ashley, however, just find it a bit ridiculous to be keeping so many cats but she's trying to understand why.

One day, Mrs Newman and Ashley went out to shop and they had to lock the doors to the house to prevent the cats from leaving.  The cats need to go out because it's in their nature. The oldest of the cats sees the problem. As the house has a special security system, it's needed some intelligence to solve all the puzzles. Solving the puzzles, it will be revealed the spot where the key is hidden. Get the key so you could open the door and help the cats escape. Good luck and have fun!

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